Whisk(e)y – American, Canadian and Japanese

Jack Daniels Old Tennessee Whiskey sets itself apart thanks to the charcoal mellowing process used during distillation and the proprietary barrels used to mature the spirit. The classic spirit is smooth and easy on the palate. No wonder it’s synomous with American, albeit Southern, culture – it’s the never ending crowd pleaser. Although the spirit is distilled in Canada, Canadian Club whisky was one of Al Capone’s favorite indulgences. During Prohibition, Capone funded the building of a tower in Canada that was used to signal when he could safely cross the Detroit River to pick-up bottles Canadian Club. Now, it’s the only Canadian whisky that’s pre-barrel blended before aging to allow the flavors to marry resulting in an exceptionally smooth and mellow spirit. Japan is making its mark with Suntory’s Yamazaki single malt whisky (12 and 18 yrs) and Hibiki (12 yrs) – two expressions that are popping up in some of Chicago’s most stylish cocktail bars. Whether it’s served neat, on the rocks or in intricate cocktails, whiskey lovers have come to enjoy the newcomers from Japan. When searching for the perfect nightcap, opt for the Yamazaki 18 year old as it complements chocolate dessert and has notes of toffee, honey and butter cream.

Best places in Chicago for Whisk(e)y:
Sunda and Bar DeVille for both Yamazaki expressions – 12 yr old and 18 yr old
The Gage for the Finish Line, made with Russell’s Reserve 6 yr rye whiskey, spiced simple syrup and Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
Delilah’s continues to offer the most robust whiskey selections in the city
Fountainhead offers over 100 bourbons, Canadian, Irish and American whiskies.


~ by thestephaniepaige on October 21, 2010.

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